Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Of Death, Dagrin and the Appropriate Police

The recent death of Oladapo Olaitan Olaoniupekun, Dagrin, has reinforced some of my misgivings about our general tendency to climb the moral high horse as soon as someone is seen to have ‘erred’ and got caught in the act.

I do not usually ascribe intelligence freely, seeing that a lot of people cannot recognise it even if it fell on their heads at noon in Lagos traffic. It was no less gut-wrenching however, to read the tweets and Facebook posts of some nitwits who took it upon themselves to educate those of us that are apparently incapable of proper judgement, whatever that is.

According to these latter-day saints, Dagrin was drunk while driving; therefore we were encouraging irresponsibility and pissing in the face of personal responsibility be mourning his death. Rather than mourn him, they insist, we should all use his death as an example of how dreams can be cut shot by irresponsible behaviour, as if he had a pressing death wish.

Who died and made these people judges?! I cannot, for all the guns in Sicily, fathom how anyone can be magisterial while a dead young man’s body lay cold in the morgue. What do you seek to gain by parading your warped sense of appropriateness? So you drink and have never driven while tipsy? Or you don’t drink at all? So you have never had sex without a condom? So your life is lived without blemish, without occasional (or even frequent) wrongdoings?! Congratulations! Now, take your holier-than-thou attitudes and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

While you are at it, I suppose you’ve never heard of anyone who stood in front of his/her house and was crushed to death by a car driven by an overworked body? You certainly never heard of bystanders crushed to death by a lorry with failed breaks, or people who went to bed in ‘perfect’ health and just didn’t wake up? In your perfect life, none of these would happen.

If you and other members of the appropriate police had an ounce of common sense, then you would have realised that at a time like this, in the face of a loss that shook many and drew a river of tears, apportioning blame to a departed soul is the exclusive preserve of idiots. When a young man who had only broken through realms of adversity dies, under whatever circumstances, what his fans and family members want to hear is not how he wasted his life. Actually, you don’t have to say anything; it’s not exactly as if not saying anything would kill you. Actually, maybe it would!

Go on Street Soldier, God rest your great soul. Thank you for the great songs, for fulfilling your cosmic mission by putting your talent to great use. It is unimportant to me how you died; I am honoured to have shared in the joy and happiness you brought to many through your music and your humility.

Hey, while we are at it, can you give your world famous goat-laugh to all those appropriate people who live appropriate lives and are going to die appropriate deaths, yet never measure up to an ounce of your greatness?



  1. LOL, well this is only one way of looking at it. But thanks for presenting the opposite side. Still, it is always better not to drink and drive at the same time.

  2. Like the good book says "..he who's free from sin should cast the first stone..."

    STILL, He was wrong (if he actually drank and drove...i've heard several versions of this tale it tires me.) But this is hardly the time to sit on moral high horses...His only crime, IMO, (if he actually drank and drove) was breaking the unspoken rule: DO-NOT-GET-CAUGHT.

    LOL @ goat-laugh..I miss that chuckle...

  3. That 1st comment doesn't sit well with me. At all. But to each her own, right? *sigh*

    Great post, Chrisbobo!

  4. The writer is mixing up issues.
    If he drank and drove, it was an accident waiting to happen, we have been told this from elementary school. If this fact (drinking and driving) was not so, then no one would sing it.
    (If however it was a baseless rumour, then shame on all those that repeated it).
    The fact that someone points this out as a possibility will enrage only someone with a strong bias or inability to face or tell the truth.
    No one has said that Dagrin was a bad person, but he could have made a bad decision. Just like we all do, sometimes, in our everyday lives.
    Sometimes we get away with them, other times, we dont.
    If the consequences come from these bad decisions, its pointless trying to dodge from them, or trying to blame someone else.
    Da grins character, fame or likeability and the analysis of a vehicle accident and possible causes are two seperate issues. This writer needs to calm down and have the maturity to see them as such.
    Peace out!

  5. The period after someone's death is hardly the time to trade blames. Though I didn't know him, I symphathise with his family.